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Are you ready for the spotlight?


Get out your videos cameras and start practicing your freestyle moves.  There's no better way to make your mark on the sport than showcasing your talent and STYLE in a Freestyle Challenge video.  Freestyle has changed the way footers around the world view the sport.  If you're going to put in the time to learn barefooting at it's most extreme, be sure you leave something behind for all to enjoy. 

Two Rounds, Cumulative Points
The Battle for the 2019 Freestyle Belt
2019 Schedule 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
Round #1
Video Due Aug 1
Pro - $150 store credit

Non-Pro - $100 store credit
Pro - $100 store credit

Non-Pro - $75 store credit
Pro - $75 store credit

Non-Pro - $40 store credit
Round #2
Video Due Sept 15
Pro - $150 store credit

Non-Pro - $100 store credit
Pro - $100 store credit

Non-Pro - $75 store credit
Pro - $75 store credit

Non-Pro - $40 store credit

2019 Champion will be determined by the combined scores of Rounds 1 & 2



Check out the videos from previous years on our VIMEO page - CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW


Freestyle 2009 VIDEOS & Results


The Rules:

- Entries can be of a single or partner set of skiers.  For instance: Ron Scarpa and Paul Macdonald can enter as a team.  Andre & Zane can enter as a team or as individuals.  Prize money is awarded for the entry, and is paid to the person who submits the video, not per person in the video.  If a team wins, they will have to split the prizes. If you enter as a team in the Qualifying Round, you must also enter as a team in the Finals.

   PRO LEVEL ENTRIES: We recommend that each video be approximately 3-5 minutes in length. The goal is to entertain, not to be so long that the viewers loose interest.  But that's only a guideline.  You do what you feel shows off your talents and entertains the audience the best.

   NON PRO LEVEL ENTRIES: Entries need to be NO LONGER than 3 mins in length.  Anything beyond 3 min will be cropped. 

- The videos need to be submitted to BarefootCentral.com in their final edited version in either WMV, MPEG, or AVI formats.

- Skiers can ski on their feet, on shoe skis, on the boom, long-line, behind a plane, seadoo, helicopter, jetboat, etc...  You are only limited by your imagination.  Skiers can incorporate whatever aspect of barefooting in their videos that they want to including (skiing on the boom, long-line, jump, wake, trick, hand ski, knee ski, butt slides, cool start, or whatever you prefer).  The goal is to edit a video that is very entertaining, keeps the audiences attention, and showcases creativity both on and off the water.  More can be done in a video than can be done in a live competition due to the ability to run several passes to get it just right.  Videos can be submitted from footage shot at any time (past or present). 

Entry Forms & Waivers
- All participants are required to fill out an entry form and waiver.  NO Exceptions.  Videos will not be posted on BFC without completed forms. 


Entry Fees & Very Important NOTICE:
There are NO Entry Fees.  In lieu of an entry fee, we will require each competitor to submit an entry form that is a Liability and Hold Harmless Waiver.  We'll require a signed copy faxed to us, along with the first video.  Competitors are entering the competition at their own risk and will take responsibly for their own actions while shooting their videos.  Videos will become the property of BarefootCentral.com, and will only be released on BarefootCentral.com during the contest.  If a video is released anywhere else (i.e. YouTube) during the contest, the contestant will forfeit all prize money and that video removed from that round of competition.  Any videos released on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, or any other web based media outlet prior to the contest are not eligible to be submitted in any upcoming BFC Freestyle contest.  We are looking for 1st time release videos.  A video may contain older video footage as long as that footage has not been previously released.  The contest is all about originality, not just drumming up old footage and making it look different.  BFC reserves the right to disqualify any video if we feel it doesn't show original content, creativity, and new footage. 

Who Can Enter?
- Anyone can enter the competition. 

- BarefootCentral.com, and any other supporting sponsors warn all competitors that barefoot waterskiing is an extreme and dangerous sport.  We do not promote in any way that skiers attempt tricks or stunts that put themselves into extreme risk of injury, or that are beyond their capabilities.  Know your limitation, and practice safe boating and safe skiing.

- BFC reserves the rights to change the rules at any time based on feedback we receive from competitors, judges, or viewers.  If there are not at least 5 competitors in each class, then we reserve the right to combine everyone into one class (Pro). Rules will only be changed if they enhance the excitement and enjoyment of the competition for both the skiers and fans.  Freestyle barefooting is all about having fun.  We want to make sure we're promoting the FUN in this event.