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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of July



First Name Last Name Country Month Born Day
Shane McKee USA June 01
Stacey Green AUS June 01
Doug Hibrant CAN June 01
Robert Lauwrens RSA June 02
Ben Harris GBR June 03
Ernest Consentino FRA June 03
Channon Vaughn USA June 04
Mike Ozanne CAN June 04
Aubry Pridgen USA June 04
Stefanie Sternagel USA June 04
Chuck McPherson USA June 07
Cathy Tuleck CAN June 07
Jose Vela Dominican Republic June 07
Daryn Bauser RSA June 09
Richard Jordan USA June 09
Claudia Landon USA June 10
Durant Rollins USA June 11
Chris Sternagel USA June 12
Todd Lewis USA June 12
Jack Fontijn HOLLAND June 14
Philip Gustafson USA June 14
Brad Barick USA June 15
Neil Heeney USA June 17
Norm Brown AUS June 17
Jerry Kanawyer USA June 18
Chris Morrison USA June 18
Geoff Oswald AUS June 19
Leandrie Dittmar RSA June 19
Jay Hickman USA June 20
Christina Dictakis GRE June 20
Jason Dunphy CAN June 20
Dave Landon USA June 21
Zane De Villiers RSA June 22
Sam Lawman GBR June 24
Corinne Legac FRA June 24
Dennis Haun USA June 26
Tom Warden USA June 27
Steve Epifanio USA June 28
Tracy Beangstrom RSA June 29
Michael Taylor AUS June 30