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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of April



First Name Last Name Country Month Born Day
Wayne Bosse CAN March 02
Warren Wilke USA March 02
Jenny Hughes AUS March 03
Maria Collica USA March 04
Rich Peters USA March 04
Kevin Keith USA March 04
Terry Jones CAN March 04
Brian Elliott USA March 04
Shannon O'Donnell NZL March 05
Ryan Harrower USA March 05
Lars Nilsson SWE March 06
Peter Taylor AUS March 06
Gary Butler USA March 07
Malcom McKee USA March 07
Frank Renelt GER March 09
Danny Moss USA March 09
Terry Dwyre USA March 10
Brian Wright USA March 11
Seth Sternagel USA March 12
Gary Flint USA March 12
Al Morrison USA March 13
Tenley Cederstrand USA March 13
Terrance Bashem USA March 13
Brad Mehrer USA March 13
Ingo Hahn GER March 13
Rod Sheppard USA March 13
Michael Whittaker USA March 14
Thibaut Michel FRA March 14
Damien Gautier FRA March 14
Joe Valenti USA March 15
Malorie Bacon USA March 16
Brett Turner AUS March 19
Amanda Knitt USA March 19
Jessica Erb CAN March 20
Nick Burne NZL March 21
Joseph Knapp USA March 21
Kyle Fahrenthold USA March 21
Giulio Stagi ITA March 21
Marcel Brunet CAN March 23
Cory Jones-McLean AUS March 23
Brendan Wright AUS March 24
Dicky Robertson USA March 25
Clif Martin USA March 25
Asi Peretz RSA March 26
Alain Legac FRA March 27
Kerstin Wood AUS March 27
Mark Williamson USA March 28
Kyle Szwed USA March 29
Peter Wells GBR March 29
Bart Williams AUS March 30