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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of October



First Name Last Name Country Month Born Day
David Dlamini RSA October 01
Rich Kremler USA October 02
Kerry Phillips AUS October 03
Carlo Hartmann LUX October 04
Chip Hammonds USA October 04
Ashleigh Stebbeings AUS October 06
Lee Stone USA October 06
Rolf Riepelmeier GER October 07
Mike Portugue USA October 07
Svenja Hempelmann GER October 07
Michael Gerstein USA October 10
Tom Cleveland USA October 11
Robbie Groen NZL October 12
A.J. Pridgen USA October 13
Doug Aird USA October 14
Dirk Niemeyer GER October 15
Donna Ivory AUS October 15
Cody Welchel USA October 15
Thomas Gabey USA October 15
Wille Brown NZL October 16
Gene Morrison USA October 16
Craig Heisey USA October 19
Robbie Paterson CAN October 19
Donald McFeters USA October 21
Daniel Goldie GBR October 22
Nerissa Wright AUS October 22
Rod Wood AUS October 23
Stanley Cohen NED October 24
Filippo Mussano ITA October 26
Tex Rohrbach USA October 26
Howard Galloway RSA October 26
Geoff Davis AUS October 28
Laura Szwed USA October 28
Gary O'Donnell NZL October 29
Kerry Ross USA October 29