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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of August



First Name Last Name Country Month Born Day
Jim Cochran USA September 04
Vincent Plamondon CAN September 05
Joshua Bubnich AUS September 07
Mike Schoenke USA September 07
Darren Heath AUS September 07
Larry Allen USA September 07
Enrico Cohen BEL September 08
Kim Taylor USA September 08
Robyn Voss USA September 10
Mark Youngdahl USA September 11
Jesse Pare USA September 13
Paul Greer AUS September 13
Brett Carr CAN September 13
Haley Thomas USA September 15
Haley Thomas USA September 15
Paul Turner GBR September 16
Frank Rektenwald AUT September 16
Trent Anderson AUS September 16
Nolan Lough USA September 16
Dave Sponsler USA September 18
Chris Stebbeings AUS September 20
Pam Carnathan USA September 21
Clive Wilsdon GBR September 21
Todd Shumack AUS September 22
Craig Niddrie RSA September 22
Mike Adi AUS September 25
Tom Regan USA September 25
Fred Groen NZL September 25
Steven Kolasko CAN September 25
Jim Rollins USA September 27
Ferdi Engelbrecht RSA September 27
Douglas Cusson USA September 28
Gerdy Bongaerts BEL September 28
Steinar Karlsen NOR September 29
Emily Goldie GBR September 29
Wilson Schkade USA September 29
Karyn Scarpa CAN September 30